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February 4, 2005
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KH Rizyu Reference by RizyuKaizen KH Rizyu Reference by RizyuKaizen
Media: Adobe Photoshop CS
Time: 8h

Well here is the coloring of Rizyu. It is not the best I can do but after having a few nights OF sleep I kinda rushed this wanting to get it up before the weekend. But I still like the way he came out. It was hard to pick out a coloring sceame for him. From all the combinations I did this was the best one yet. Also the flame design on the pants were a pain to do.

Next one that is going to be colored is White Demons reference.

Rizyu, Artwork (c) Me
Kingdom Hearts (c) Square-Enix
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Tal2008 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2009
Nice hair-do, nice shirt, nice pants, nice accessories.

Heck, everything's nice. I just can't figure out why. XD

kingdom-hearts-lova Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2007
AzraelDarkblade Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
i love it...kingdom hearts was an amazing game...almost as amazing as your ability to draw...heh...grrr...when is kingdom hearts 2 coming out!?!?!!?!
Christ-Puncher Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2005
Cool ass Weapon and pants.
VKahri Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2005
ohh, very nice! i love how vibrant and sharp the colors are. he's cool.
gizm079 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005
well i already commented on the linework for this, so i won't bother going over that again here, tho i will comment on the colours.

i realise that this was a rush job tho the colours still hold up realy well, perhaps the light sourcing is a little off in places but overall this is only a reference pic and it serves that perpose easily.

when i first looked at this i thought that perhaps the black trousers looked a little out of place with the lighter skin colour and the orange and yellow top (which is a great colour scheeme by the way) but the more i look at this pic the more the darker trousers suit the design, as they help to tie together the colours of both his armbands and his wings, and also stop the design from looking to bright and childish overall. plus that flame effect near his feet (paws?) would not have worked so well on a lighter background and the belts would not have been so striking either.

the one standout bit of this pic for me is the hair - absolutely breathtaking lightsourcing on that bit and the highligts are realy intelligently done too.

in my opinion the weekest bit of this pic is the colouring on the keyblade (as that is a simple colour blend), tho i realise that this is juat a reference pic so i realy shouldn't critique that too hard as it would not be fair.

all in all a very cool design hun - have you decided what you are going to do with these kingdom hearts costumes when they are all completed?

RizyuKaizen Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actuly I hope to make a mini comic of story off of them >^^< And in truth the keyblade looked much better in photshop. It had a brighter more firey look to it there, and when it saved it dulled down some.
gizm079 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005
yeah, gimp dulls the colours when it saves as a JPEG or GIF too - i think its something to do with how JPEG's and GIF's compress whe they save, tho i'm not too sure as i don't realy colour my work that often.

i have noticed that before tho.

a minicomic eh? not a bad idea...

Canta-Tyuto Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2005
kewl! can i do my own character 2? *feels like a copycat* :blush:
Clone-Trooper Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
i nather reason i :worship: j00 :D
i'm gonna try and draw mah chari now *runs off and starts scribling, then starts tearing the page out*
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